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Cinema Seats built to last and comfort

Give your customers a red-carpet cinema experience

You offer the year’s biggest blockbusters, and `go to great lengths to deliver outstanding customer service – from the moment they purchase their ticket, to the time they leave. So you may be wondering what else you could do to enhance their movie-viewing experience with you.

Our luxurious, made-for-cinema seating is the answer. Offering incredible levels of comfort, and premium models and add-ons that include recliners, tray tables, service call buttons and much, much more, this is seating that you can customise and create for your patrons – after all, you know your audience best.

The design and development of our movie seats/movie chairs always begins with a single focus – audience comfort. We know that every member of your audience should be able to sit back, relax and feel virtually weightless – even for the longest screenings of three hours plus.

From the moment we developed our very first cinema chair, we’ve committed a force of resources to creating a collection of seating that not only provides complete comfort for patrons, but that also offers all that you, as a venue manager, need. This includes ease of maintenance, ease of cleaning and cost–effectiveness – both now and in the future. Today, we’re proud to present a range that includes full-rockers, fixed backs and VIP recliners.


This is how we create the next level of seating comfort…

We create our seat cushioning from raw materials sourced from BASF Germany. These materials, alongside careful contouring and support design, create a highly resilient seat of exceptional support and comfort.

Each seat features a bespoke width that supports a wide range of different body sizes – from the smallest of child, to the larger of adults – each can sit back, sink in and enjoy the show.

Our seating solutions are configured to create a layout that’s optimal for your cinema screen. Our expert technical support team will work alongside you to settle upon the right amount of row spacing for leg comfort and viewing without the hindrance of other audience members interrupting their view. The result of which is that every audience member gets to sit in the best seat in the house (no matter where in the auditorium they are!).

A VIP movie theater seating experience

Beyond comfort, safety and ease of maintenance and cleaning, we know that a select number of our clients want to deliver a world-class cinema experience – such as food and drink service, privacy screens and seating that can better accommodate a couple. For these venues, we offer a wide range of VIP upgrades, including food swivel trays, in-arm storage, and flip-up middle arm for love-seat configurations.

A revolutionised cinema experience is here.

Let’s discuss your project today. Allow us to show you just how affordable incredible comfort and convenience truly is. With Dolphin Leadcom, each of your patrons will feel as though they’re the true stars of the show.

Let our team outfit your cinema with excellent, attractive, durable, and comfortable seating at the right budget. Call Today!

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