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World-class public seating solutions for motorcoach, ferry and city bus market

Seating within your coach, bus or ferry has a demanding role to fulfil – it must be comfortable, particularly for long journeys; and it has to be incredibly durable (for many years of use). It must also seat your passengers safely and securely, while being easy to maintain – both for cleaning on a day-to-day basis, and for replacing components that wear or become damaged over time.

Motorcoach Seating

Uncompromising safety, durability and quality are apparent right down to the stitching in our motorcoach seating and ferry seating. For even the longest of journeys, your passengers will settle back into unrivailed comfort.

Whether you seek entry-level seating with a focus on cost, or a solution of distinct VIP design, entrust Leadcom to deliver a class-leading seating solution.

Every single one of these aspects features in each of our transportation seating models. Our transportation seating is ergonomic and designed to alleviate pressure points – providing cushioned lumbar support, with optional arm support and recliner designs.

Ferry seating

Safety is critical your ferry passengers. Anyone being seated aboard your vessel must be secure – in a chair that won’t shift from its fixings. Our seating is crafted from industry-leading materials and meets the highest of the world’s safety standards. Yet beyond safety, there’s also comfort and design aesthetics to consider – both of which are core focuses of all of our models.

City bus seating

The average city bus seat must perform day in, day out under the pressures of the heaviest of us From our price-focused plastic shell model, to our higher-end magnesium-alloy model, our seating is designed to look good and perform in this challenging environment, easy and fast ta install, and demanding the most modest of maintenance, city bus seating is built to last.

In terms of durability, our seats are manufactured from the finest of materials that are proven to stand the test of time. These materials and the designs of our seats are all fully compliant to the stringent international safety standards of ECE and 3C.

Last but certainly not least, our seating is always designed and manufactured with cleanliness and maintenance in mind; they can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, with cost-effective replacement components to extend the years of life your seating should provide.

Let us revolutionize the experience of travelling with your company. Call or email our team today to discover how we can help: | 0086 400 885 5535.

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