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Airport Seating, Waiting Area Seating

Airports, travel terminals, hospitals and other waiting spaces serve hundreds of thousands of people everyday, which makes durability, safety and ease of maintenance quite challenging with regards to seating in these areas.

Leadcom Seating always strives to fine the excellent waiting area seating appropriate to your individual and precise needs, and are well-able to respond to all challenges. With you first-class manufacturing facility and technology, we are able to directly free you from those challenges. Our waiting area seating is designed and developed using higher quality perforated steel, aluminum and stainless steel to produce a solid structure to ensure extraordinary durability and improved safety. Our refined craftsmanship and seating surface treatment makes all our product-line easy to clean and maintain.

So waiting no longer has to be unbearable. For those concerned about comfort during waiting, we have our premium selecion of styles and models featuring upholstered cushioning, wood and exclusive moulded PU padding, available on a made-to-order basis.

Wheter with or without padding, Leadcom Seating offers waiting area seating that is wholly-designed and developed using only high quality materials to ensure extraordinary durability, improved safety and importantly, end-user comfort and functionality.

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