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During a church service, no attendee or worshipper wants to sit on an uncomfortable wooden pew or metal folding chair – the discomfort detracts from the experience. Leadcom Seating is offers a popular and diverse selection of comfortable church chairs and seating suitable for all types of congregations and locations.

Our most popular congregational seating features ‘tip-up’ seats, which create more room for people to pass through the individual rows of seating. Because of this tip-up feature, they can be placed a little closer together, which in turn provides space for more seating. Our tip-up church seating can also have number panel options, which can help with both your own congregation management as well as help congregation members themselves to find their seats more easily.

If you prefer a more basic church seat configuration, our Travis LS-522 chairs are comfortable and soft, easily portable, and come with rear book pockets, together with under-chair book racks for magazines, hymn books, programs, or other items required for, or by, the congregation.

Contact us for more information about our church chairs, and the different seating options we can offer. Perhaps you prefer to refurbish your current church seating, or perhaps you need church seats for your brand new church building. With Leadcom Seating, you have many options available for high quality and comfort for your congregation at very affordable prices! Please feel free to inquire!


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