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Metropolis is a high-quality wood back auditorium seating surfaced with a high-density, painted plywood. The back and seat is cold-moulded high-resilient foam for optimal comfort. This is matched with a hardwood armrest and fabric-upholstered end panel.

Metropolis sits on a single, strong steel structured pedestal support base than not only helps with air circulation but also provides for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • OUTERBACK: Painted high-density plywood outerback
  • BACK & SEAT: Cold-molded high resilient foam ensures optimal comfort.
  • TIP-UP SEAT MECHANISM: Tip-up seat with combination of spring and damping
  • ARMREST: Hardwood armrest cap, fabric upholstered end panel
  • LEG: Single pedestal base support helps for air circulation and easy cleaning

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Auditorium seating 7603A-1
Description MM INCH
C/C (armrest center to center) 540 21.3
Overall depth with seat open 700 27.56
Armrest to rear back depth 555 21.9
Floor to seat height 440 17.3
Overall back height 945 37.2
Minimum row spacing 900 35.4