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EPIC is finely crafted to reflect the modern travelers’ increasing demands for comfort and relaxation. Designed for high-class buses and coaches, EPIC comes with a deluxe backrest, refined armrests and a leg-rest to help reduce tiredness and fatigue from prolonged traveling.

  • FRAME: Strong steel inner frame structure
  • LEG-REST: Adjustable leg-rest for better support and comfort
  • ARMREST: Stationary armrest with steel frame
  • SEAT BELT: 2-point seat belt

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leadcom seating ck32h
Overall length123048.4
Seat-pan width44017.3
Backrests length51020.1
Overall depth before reclining65225.7
Overall height118046.5
Floor to seat height46018.1
Floor to armrest height637 25.1

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