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Supreme Chaise Lounger

Supreme in style, supreme in comfort, this model invites you to take a seat – sink into its plush back cushion and be swept back to the perfect viewing angle with the chaise-style footrest.

Featuring a widened back cushion, the Supreme model offers an exceptional seating experience, particularly for those who are heavyset.

Premium add-on features for a VIP experience include a swivel food tray with inset cupholder.

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C:Usersgujx.LIJIANGDesktop沙发尺寸20190116 Model (1)
Description MM INCH
Inner seat width 550 21.65
Inner seat depth 526 20.7
Floor to seat height 490 19.3
Floor to armrest height 605 23.8
Arm width 150 5.9
Arm length 900 35.4
Overall length after glide 1534 60.4
Overall height before glide 1090 42.9