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TAJ LS-16601 for Planetarium

////TAJ LS-16601 for Planetarium

TAJ LS-16601 for Planetarium

Designed with comfort, safety and durability firmly in mind,  Taj LS-11601 will help deliver a magical “outer-space experience for your visitors, allowing them to immerse  themselves in the stars.
Taj allows a very broad angle of recline to enable visitors to  easily view the full planetarium dome above them in  absolute comfort. The glide mechanism provides a superior  seating and viewing position. There is also a headrest for ergonomic support of both the head and neck while viewingupwards.
  • OUTERBACK: One-piece, injection moulded, high impact polypropylene
  • BACK: Lounger back with moulded foam and headrest design
  • SEAT CUSHION: Ergonomic seat cushion fixed to down position
  • ARMREST: PP cupholder arm with deluxe upholstered padding
  • LEG: Strong steel structural support

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planetarium seating Taj dimension
Description MM INCH
C/C (armrest center to center) 560/580 22/22.8
Seat depth 442 17.4
Overall depth 710-1030 28-40.6
Floor to seat height 440-450 17.3-17.7
Floor to armrest height 613 24.1
Overall back height 990-1085 39-42.7
Max. recline degree 135° 135°
Minimum row spacing 1200 47.2

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