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Take Your Seat Among The Stars

Leadcom Seating is proud to announce the launch of “Taj”, the exciting new seating for planetariums. Designed with comfort, safety and durability firmly in mind, Taj will help deliver a magical “outer-space” experience for your visitors, allowing them to immerse themselves in the stars.

Taj allows a very broad angle of recline to enable visitors to easily view the full planetarium dome above them in absolute comfort. The glide mechanism, developed especially for the new seat, provides for a simultaneous forward motion of the seat base at the same time as the seat back is pushed backwards. This combination provides a superiors seating and viewing position. There is also a headrest for ergonomic support of both the head and neck while viewing upwards.


planetarium seating leadcom seating-1


The TENNESSEE is the star of the auditorium in the Jjamjjao Cinema


The Jjamjjao Cinema in Cambodia sought out Leadcom to rejuvenate their audiences’ movie-going experience.

This project involved 484 seats which spanned two auditoriums; one featuring a contemporary, stripped back palette of brown and grey, the other a striking red and black.

For both spaces, the TENNESSEE LS-13603 proved itself as the ideal seating model. As the brand-new alternative in Leadcom fixed-back cinema seating, the TENNESSEE features an upgraded flip-up arm – for more enjoyable audience interaction, and improved headrests – for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Jjamjjao Cinema ordered comfort for their patrons and cost-effectiveness for the bank balance. And with the TENNESSEE, we’re certain we’ll see many more venues following suit.

Jjamjjao Cinema-leadcom seating-1

Leadcom create a bright, bold and comfortable waiting lounge
at Inter Airport Europe


8th – 11th October 2019

The Inter Airport Europe Trade Fair places industry-leading airport technology, products and services under an annual spotlight. As the largest airport exhibition in the world, delegates in every area of airport design and service provision attend this forward-facing show.

Our floorspace was located in the ‘interDESIGN’ zone of the exhibition, which focuses on interior design, furnishings, and architecture.

Our team invited Inter Airport attendees to take a seat in our modern, stylish and comfortable waiting lounge, where delegates explored the Ferma LS-535Y, Infinite LS-529YF, and Apex LS-533Y. While these models spoke for themselves in terms of demonstrating durability and easy maintenance, our team were on hand to answer the questions of potential prospects.


Inter airport europe leadcom

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