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Church Seating with high performance, comfort and durability combined.

Everything involved in worship is divine, including the place where we glorify and honor our god. As for the church seats, an orderly arrangement is important to create solemn and decent atmosphere to congregations

Leadcom Seating has rich experience in manufacturing church seating which is made to meet higher quality standards, and with our professional sales team, you can be ensured of our complete set of project management services including from the very beginning to the last minute.

Here we present our specialist solutions for your churches or worship centers: available in stackable and non-stackable style to fit your needs and your budget, and highly adaptable to any specifications with different center-to-center distance to configure a well organized layout. Accessories such as rear mounted reader shelf, book boxes, caddy boxes are available to enhance your worship experience.

To find out more, contact your Leadcom sales representative today, we look forward to your questions, comments or suggestions.

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