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Social Distancing Products - Leadcom Seating

Essential Social Distancing Products 
Designed to Serve Public Following COVID-19 Social Distancing Requirements

Cinemas around the world took a very big hit at the onset of Coronavirus, having to close back in January 2020. However, the good news for both owners and patrons alike is that cinemas globally have now gradually been reopening during June and July as the threat of the virus began to lessen in late May.

At the same time, cinemas in many countries are still standing on the sidelines, stuck between whether to open and how to open if they do! While they have been allowed to reopen, they have to be mindful that the COVID-19 epidemic is not quite over yet.

In response to this problem, Leadcom seating has not been idle, and have launched a series of specially developed social distancing products for dramatically increasing the safety of cinema patrons. These include seat head covers, multi-functional seat covers, privacy dividers and social distance barriers.

Not only do these innovative new products help to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, they are also the perfect products to help cinema operators undertake the regular daily schedule of cleaning in their cinemas.

Further details of Leadcom Seating’s social distancing products can be found here.

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