Taking Care of Our Employees and Client Orders Through Hard Time

2020-05-21T22:43:02-04:00March 16th, 2020|

As one of the largest seating manufacturers in the world, Leadcom was among the very first companies to reopen in the first week of February. At this time, many other factories remained on extended leave due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As a business, we’re taking robust steps to protect our employees and make sure they are as safe as possible. We have purchased both face masks and disinfectant in the thousands, and are disinfecting three times daily, as well as undertaking employee symptom checks twice daily.

We stand by our valued customers and business partners during this unique time. A few orders, placed prior to the holiday period, have been delayed due to delays with the raw material supply chain. However we are making every possible effort to minimalize the impact of these delays.

With the number of coronavirus infections now falling, the situation in China is improving and production at Leadcom is once again firing up.

Rest assured that business is returning to normal and your order is safe with Leadcom.

We wish everyone around the world good health.

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