Leadcom takes time to reunite and give thanks for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Lunar

2019-10-09T00:01:33-04:00October 9th, 2019|
August 15th 2019

The Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes reunion and harvest. What began as moon worship some 3000 years ago, now provides the perfect time for us to reunite over food and celebrate as a team with fun activities.

For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival in Lunar, our team members took on the challenge of guessing the lantern riddles we had prepared – with the best performing earning rewards for their efforts.

As with all Leadcom workforce gatherings, there was a celebratory atmosphere, laughter, and thanksgiving – all key elements of any good Mid-Autumn Festival.

After a busy morning of riddles and catching up, we delve into a buffet of mooncake, fruits with flower.


Mid-Autumn Festival-leadcom seating-1

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