The luxury of Emblem and Maestro Premium excites Lumen

2019-09-22T22:03:56-04:00August 9th, 2019|

Lumen Cinema, HK

The Lumen Cinema in Hong Kong had the requirement for luxurious and stylish seating for their patrons in order to offer a premium cinematic experience. They chose a combination of Emblem for the main cinema and Maestro Premium for the compact cinema as being the ideal configuration for their needs.

Emblem was chosen on the basis of being able to provide cinema-goers maximum comfort with a theatre-from-home experience. The ergonomic Emblem, with its luxurious headrest allows for perfect seating posture and total cinematic enjoyment. And the spacious cup-holder built into the armrest means no more spilled refreshments. Supporting Emblem, Maestro were installed in the minor viewing cinema at Lumen. With space at somewhat of a premium, yet a luxurious seating solution required, the combination of its space-saving wall-hugger mechanism and foldable footrest for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Maestro was the seat of choice.


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