Leadcom provide a VIP seating experience for Dutch film-goers

2019-10-09T03:50:25-04:00October 9th, 2019|
Bios cinema, Netherlands

The Bios cinema in Hardenburg, the Netherlands, has installed the luxury MillenniumCrown Jewel and Taj seating at its compact cinema with the aim of providing a VIP cinema experience for their patrons.

Millennium was chosen for the luxurious, ergonomic seating experience it provides, combined with intuitive powered headrest and complete ease of use when it comes to reclining. As a swing back recliner models without powered, Crown Jewel was suitable for smaller row spacing.

Bios also added Leadcom’s Taj model, with its lounger back, ergonomic design and deluxe upholstered padding for comfort.


Fotografie JZ HQ Bios Hardenberg-1


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