Unparalleled Combination of Comfort and Health Benefits with Leadcom Seating Zero-Gravity Recliner Series

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Unparalleled Combination of Comfort and Health Benefits with Leadcom Seating Zero-Gravity Recliner Series

Zero-Gravity Cinema Recliner

The state of zero gravity may be referred to as a state where no force of gravity acts on our bodies. Under this state, the human body experiences complete weightlessness and remains in a state of equilibrium. This is apparently a fictitious state because gravity is present everywhere across the universe. However, when achieved artificially, zero gravity mechanism can provide several health benefits.

A number of physicians recommend zero gravity position as the healthiest way for us to sit. It has been proven that zero gravity posture can be particularly helpful for individuals suffering from painful varicose veins or swelling in their legs. A zero gravity state can also improve lung function and capacity, reduce spinal compression and back pain, and enhance the ability of the heart to circulate oxygen and blood throughout the body.

Inspired by the extraordinary health benefits of the zero gravity state, Leadcom Seating has recently decided to introduce its zero-gravity recliner series. This game changing series of cinema seats currently comprises of Garzia, Millennium, and Rona.

Garzia: Fully upholstered with electronic zero-gravity mechanism, offering infinite seating positions for the users to relieve back pain and reduce joint swelling. It comes with hazard-free extra-safe footrest frame to help users avoid pinch-point injuries.

Millennium: Its high-function design creates the perfect angle for full body relaxation. This model comes equipped with a power adjustable headrest and foldable footrest.

Rona:  A superior cinema lounger with 100% design ergonomics, a back cushion and headrest offering incredible body support and comfort, a highly supportive seat cushion and integral leg-rest and a fully upholstered arm with integral drink cup holder.


To enjoy the unique benefits of zero gravity reclining, please contact us today at sales@leadcomseating.com

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