How to choose the best-fit waiting areas seating?

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I. Design features of waiting area seating

The waiting area seating is used in airports, stations, docks, hospitals and other waiting places service hundreds of thousands of people for temporary rest every day. It is often required to be compatible with the environment, sturdy and beautiful and good load-bearing capacity, suitable for all kinds of people and easy to clean.

Hard chair surface is often used that is only convenient for people to rest for a short time and easy to clean. The chair surfaces are usually made of metal, plastic and curved wood splints.

The waiting area seating is divided into two types: indoor and outdoor as needed.

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II. Structure characters of waiting area seating

It is usually composed of seat and back, beam, armrest and bracket. In most cases, several seats are connected into a row chair structure. Single row can be made into a double seat, three-person seat and four-person seat. For the convenience of transportation and on-site use, single row generally does not exceed five persons. In some occasions, such accessories as coffee table or armrest can be added between seats.

The waiting area seating is generally placed on the site as needed. With a large weight, it is not easy to be moved at will

  1. Seat

It is usually made of metal (steel plate), plastic or wood panels. The cushions are added in more advanced places. The form of cushions is the same as that of auditorium chairs.

It usually adopts the structure of seat and back connected without moving parts. The seat board is required to be sturdy and durable. It must be firmly connected with beam. It is required that the seat surface can bear a force of not less than 2000N, and the back plate surface can bear a force of not less than 760N.

  1. Beam

Several seat boards are connected into a row, which are the main fittings of whole row of seats. It must make sure that it is strong with a large load-bearing capacity, most made of metal profiles (I-beam, crude steel pipe).In order to keep the aesthetics, the metal pipe(square pipe, round pipe or other special-shaped pipes)are widely used.

Almost all parts of the waiting area seating (including seat board, armrest, Coffee table and standing feet) shall be fixed on the beam.

  1. Armrest

The armrests of waiting area seating are dispensable, sometimes there are only armrests on both sides of each row chair. In some cases, each seat is equipped with armrests. The armrests of waiting area seating shall be tough and durable, which can bear the larger force to avoid people destroying armrests in improper use or crowding. The armrests are mostly made of metal, firmly attached to the beam or seat above.

  1. Station foot

Station foot is the ground support for the waiting area seating, which is usually a metal frame mechanism. It is required to be firmly connected, which can withstand a large load and firmly hold the ground. It should not be moved.


III. Advantages of waiting area seating

The seat board of stainless steel waiting area seating is made of 2.0 imported cold rolled steel plate. After rust removal treatment, it is sprayed with electrostatic powder. It effectively enhances the seat appearance, and its quality increases the seat service life to prevent corrosion and aging. The color of seat board is natural metallic color with strong comfort.

The armrests, bracket and support are made of aluminum alloy materials and large precision casting mold. They are directly polished after die-casting molding and treated by electrostatic powder spraying.

The beam is made of 3MM thick 50mm*50mm steel pipe, sprayed with air-conditioning outdoor paint powder, which can withstand wind, rain and sunshine. The products are beautiful and fashionable in appearance, superior in quality, firm and durable, which will never rust. The chair surface and armrest can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements, which can be retrofitted with leather seats.

The cushion on the chair surface is made of Pu shaped cotton and high-quality leather.

It can be matched with coffee table and other products.

  1. Advantages of metal waiting area seating (aluminum alloy-based):

a. Metal structure meets the modeling and structural design of ergonomic principles.

b. The seat board is decorated by CNC punching, which is simple and fashionable, with plastic spraying surface decoration, beautiful and generous, with a sense of metal strength.

  1. Advantages of stainless steel waiting area seating:

a.Well made, sturdy and durable, with strong rust resistance and fireproof function.

b.The appearance is elegant and beautiful with stainless steel glossy, which is popular with Europe and America.

c.The bottom of the bracket is equipped with rubber foot pad to prevent scratching the ground.

  1. Advantages of plastic waiting area seating:

a.It meets the modeling and structural design of ergonomic principles.

b.It has the advantages of impact resistance, anti-aging and anti-fading.

c.The surface of metal support is made of double-layer anti-rust technology, which is not easy to peel off the paint, sturdy and durable


IV. Cleaning and maintenance method of PU waiting area seating

  1. Use detergent to clean, but remember not to scrub with gasoline or detergent containing gasoline.
  2. Choose to use a rag,and the water washing temperature shall not exceed 40 °.
  3. Sun exposure must be avoided.
  4. Do not expose it to organic solvents.


V. Maintenance method of stainless steel waiting area seating

1. If the surface contains binder component stains, it can be scrubbed with alcohol and organic solvent.

2. If there are trademarks and films on the surface, it shall be washed with warm water and weak detergent.

3. If the surface is polluted by oil, grease and lubricating oil, it shall use a soft cloth to wipe clean, and then clean it with ammonia solution, neutral detergent or special detergent.

4. If the surface is attached to bleach and various acids, it shall be cleaned with clean water immediately, and then soak it with neutral soda carbonate solution and ammonia solution, or wash it with warm water and neutral detergent.

5. If there is dust or dirt easy to remove, it can be washed with weak detergent, soap and warm water.

VI. Maintenance method of outdoor waiting area seating

  1. The outdoor waiting area seating shall be well protected. If the materials of waiting area seating is wood, anti-moth drugs must be sprayed on the seat regularly. To prevent moths and beetles, you can also put some pepper to prevent mice from hurting the waiting area seating.
  2. When placing the outdoor waiting area seating, the center shall be selected and placed stably to maximize seat security and avoid damage to the structure of waiting area seating. The waiting area seating is generally connected by welding and bolts. If it is often in a state of unstable swing, it will make the fasteners loose over time, there are potential safety hazards, resulting in local cracks. It will also affect the service life of waiting area seating. Therefore, if the ground is not smooth, it shall make sure to pad the furniture legs, especially when placing the stainless steel waiting area seating, it is more necessary to make the furniture legs stress smoothly, otherwise it will not only affect the comfort of the chair, but also damage the chair.
  3. Clean and maintain regularly. In daily use, it shall often wipe the dusts and stains to keep the waiting area seating clean. When cleaning, it shall use soft cotton cloth that is not easy to depilate, and must confirm that it is a clean soft cotton cloth without foreign matters. If it is wiped with too hard or coarse rags or cotton cloth, it will grind the paint surface of waiting area seating and lose its luster. Do not use hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant water to wash the outdoor furniture, which will destroy the paint on the surface of waiting area seating. If it is the furniture protected by waxing, when buying wax, it is best to choose the solid wax with high concentration, which can fill the small defects on the outdoor waiting chair. In addition, it is also a good choice to use spray wax. Don’t use the above two waxes together, otherwise it will make the appearance of waiting area seating blurred and no longer bright.


VII. What are the role of these holes on the surface of the stainless steel waiting chair?

  1. Easy to clean

There are many people coming and going at the boarding gate and waiting hall. It is inevitable that there are all kinds of liquid stains. The stainless steel chairs with holes are anti-corrosion, non-ponding and easy to clean

  1. Saving money

The cost of stainless steel seats is higher, and the hollow design can save a lot of materials.

  1. Anti-slip and comfortable

The stainless steel chair is very smooth. With these holes, the friction will increase and it will be more anti-skid.

VIII. Purchasing knowledge of waiting area seating

It shall be convenient for maintenance and cleaning. It shall be comfortable to use, so that people are not easy to fatigue. So how to meet the above requirements, please note the points when purchasing:

  1. The height, width, depth and angle of seat armrests shall be reasonable.

The armrests of row chair is generally made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The large-scale precision casting mold is polished after die-casting and then sprayed with powder or plated on the surface. Electroplating effect is better. If the armrest height is inappropriate, it will lead to rapid fatigue of the shoulders. In addition to the armrest height, the width, depth and angle of armrest pad has much to do with maintaining a comfortable posture. When we read documents or newspapers, the arms placed on the armrest tend to open slightly outward into an inverted figure for reading materials.

  1. It is very important to have breathable fabric material, comfortable and breathable safety seat surface material.

Before choosing the right seat surface material, we first need to study the related needs of human body temperature, humidity and comfort. When the ambient temperature is neutral, the human body will feel comfortable. The human body will maintain a thermal balance with the external environment, neither sweating nor super cooling. When this balance is broken, the human body will generate more heat through cold shivers, or the heat will be discharged in the form of evaporation through sweating. Therefore, it has become an important measure of the chair surface material whether the body temperature can be properly maintained or the heat can be dissipated in time.

  1. Seat board of row chair

It usually adopts 1.8MM or 1.5MM thickness of imported cold -roll steel sheets, which is sprayed by electrostatic powder after rust removal treatment. If you need to add leather cushions, the imitation leather or leather cushion can be added. In addition, it is also necessary to see whether the metal accessories of row chair are firm. It is best to try to sit and feel it whether comfortable, so that people are not easy to fatigue.

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