CS Collection – Cost Saving at nil expense to quality

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Leadcom’s new CS Collection of seating has been launched with the specific aim of helping to maximise budgets and save costs for theatres, cinemas and auditoriums without in any way compromising the famous Leadcom quality, service and reliability that customers have come to expect.

The collection includes auditorium seating and cinema theatre seating that makes the most efficient use of your budget while delivering the best result. It has also been created with both patron and venue personnel very firmly in mind to address these difficult pandemic times. These seatings can also be supplied with social distance products.

As always with Leadcom’s products, they have been specially designed with an attention to detail that will provide that brand-new look for your venue while at the same time preserving the ambience you require.

Clink and find more about our CS collection: Download CS Collection Brochure
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