Introducing the Brand-new Valerio Glider Family

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Introducing the Brand-new Valerio Glider Family

 Where compact cinema spaces meet both seating capacity and comfort

What if a compact cinema with only 1.2 meter row spacing wants the VIP screen look and a maximum audience capacity? Valerio Glider Family has been specially designed for the smaller cinema where capacity and comfort are of equal importance. Equipped with an efficient yet extremely cost-efficient sliding system, as you lean back, Valerio Glider intuitively ‘glides’ into a superior seating position. A simple operation that otherwise offers an exceptional seating experience to maintain customer satisfaction.

The cinema industry is still undergoing a steady transformation from regular to VIP seats. Contact us today to see how we help cinemas upgrade their seats to Gliders to provide that luxury experience without having to dramatically increase their seating expenditure.

As business starts to change, we can’t wait to help you to meet and even exceed your expectations to providing your cinema spaces with the best movie-going atmosphere.

Valerio series are the innovatively designed cinema seats providing for supreme comfort and durability coupled with a long life and easy maintenance.

With its padded cushion featuring high-resilience foam, it will wrap the body in a cocoon of extreme comfort providing a cinema seating experience that is second to none.

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