7 Important Points When Choosing Your Office chair

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I. What is an office chair?

Chairs are indispensable in daily life and work. The design of different chairs can reflect different functions, which shall be suitable for different occasions. In the office area, there will not only have executive chairs and manager chairs, but also training chairs.

The narrow definition of office chair refers to the back-rest chair that people sit in a sitting position when working on the desktop. The broad definition refers to all the chairs used in the office and training rooms, also including conference chairs, news chairs, dictation chairs and training chairs. When people sit down on the office chair, a P-shaped tablet will be equipped on the right hand side, which can be used for writing records during meetings or training. Generally speaking, the tablet is divided into plastic tablet and board tablet. The chairs will also have iron book baskets at the bottom.

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II. Classification of office chairs

  1. By materials

From the material composition, it can be divided into: fabric office chairs, mesh office chairs, plastic office chairs, wooden office chairs and leather office chairs. Now, the plastic office chairs are widely used.

  1. By functions

From the function, it can be divided into: multi-person office chairs, single office chairs, multi-function office desks and chairs, folding training chairs, rotary office chairs, etc.

  1. By usage occasions

From the usage occasions, it is mainly used in various places such as the conference room, reading room, library, training classroom, laboratory and staff training.

  1. By types

There are four-legged office chairs, bow-type office chairs and row-type office chairs.


III. Consumption description of office chairs

  1. Consumption groups

The consumption groups of office chair are mainly: school training (language training, calligraphy and painting training, vocational training, etc.), enterprise training, hospital training, hotel training and home use.


  1. Material description of plastic office chair

It adopts 1600 PP materialseat plate and backrest imported from Korea. The rubber plate can be selected in a variety of colors. There are three colors of PP material tablets that is black, dark blue and light gray. It is equipped with international cold-rolled tube baking varnish steel tripod. The seat cushion and backrest of some products, which can be decorated with cloth. The cloth color can be selected, and the book net can be selected!


  1. Process description

Carbon dioxide shielded welding and pot arc welding are used for welding iron parts. The surface of steel pipe is solidified at high temperature through oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, electrostatic spraying  and other processes. The quality is firm and durable.


IV. Purchasing skills of office chair

  1. Pay attention to welding

If it is a folding chair with steel frame structure, you shall pay attention to the smooth welding, there is no gap, and the surface coating is uniform and soft.


  1. Pay attention to steel pipe thickness

If it is a folding chair with aluminum alloy pipe, you shall choose about 1.2 mm of material, no material is best.


  1. Pay attention to the firmness

You can use two hands to shake it back and forth and test the quality of overall frame.


  1. Pay attention to the quality of wrapping cloth

If you buy a leather chair, you can pinch a place with your fingers and pull it up. It is of good quality with good recovery and strong feel.


  1. You can try to sit by yourself and feel how comfortable it is, and try to sit at each angle.


V. Selecting the right size of office chair

With the emergence of various training class and tutorial class in society, the demand for office chair is increasing. Office chairs need to be used in more occasions, and there are many kinds of office chairs that are classified by the material, like fabric training chairs, steel plate training chairs, mesh training chairs, wooden training chairs, leather training chairs and plastic training chairs. When we choose office chairs, the size is also a problem that needs attention. Next, we can introduce the size of office chair and relevant information.


  1. Steel plate office chairs

The design style of steel plate training chair is relatively simple. The base is made of steel plate material and can be folded. It is suitable for some small enterprises or occasions for simple discussion. The size of steel plate office chair is 44cm * 47cm * 79cm.


  1. Leather training chairs

Leather training chair can be used in office or conference room, which can also be used for training. In addition to sitting, it can also place some items on its tablet. The backrest of office chair made of this material adopts the radian design, which can effectively alleviate physical fatigue. Its back and cushion are made of high-density foam and traditional fabric, which gives you a very comfortable feeling when sitting up. In addition, it can be folded, which is very convenient for storage and will not take up too much space. It can be widely used in offices, conference rooms and some training courses. The seat size of office chair made of such material is 39cm wide, 38cm deep and 45cm high. The size of tablet is 37.5cm long and 28cm wide.


  1. Arched training chairs

The arched office chair is made of high-quality leather material with solid wood armrests and high-quality hardware tubing, which makes the chair look more fashionable and generous, solid and comfortable. This chair is used in a wide range, like offices, conference rooms and staff training. The chair has a seat height of 43cm, the size of seat surface is 46 * 42cm, and the size of backrest is 45 * 36cm with 78cm of height.


  1. Mesh office chairs

Mesh office chair is made of mesh material, it looks very stylish, so it has strong elasticity. With the radian design, it is very comfort to use and suitable for office meetings. It is suitable for office and training. The chair has a seat height of 39cm, the size of seat surface is 39 * 42cm, and the size of backrest is 55 * 44cm with 78cm of height.


  1. Plastic office chair with tablet

Plastic training chair with tablet is generally of good quality, lighter and more convenient to move. It is the first choice for many students in training classes. As a listening chair used in the company, it is also very good. The chair has a seat height of 44cm, the size of seat surface is 46 * 42cm, and the size of backrest is 55 * 52cm with 92cm of height, the tablet size is 37.5*28cm.


  1. Maintenance knowledge of office chairs

Some office chairs in the market are mainly made of plastic plate (PVC), mesh, linen, glass fiber reinforced plastics, artificial leather, synthetic leather and other materials. Therefore, the office chair has the disadvantages of easy aging and easy embrittlement, which can only be used indoors and is not suitable for outdoor use. It shall avoid direct sunlight, which cannot be close to the stove and radiators. Tips for the maintenance of office chairs in response to these disadvantages:


  1. Sunscreen can make the office chairs for long-term use. If it is broken, you can use an electric welding iron soft key ironing, or use banana oil and PVC gelout to dissolve.


  1. Tips for the cleaning and maintenance of the office chair surface. Wipe the surface dust gently with pure cotton and dry/soft cloth regularly. Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains. Do not wipe hard if there are stains on the surface of the utility bench, you can wipe the stains with warm tea. After the water evaporates, you can apply a little soft wax in the original place, and then wipe it gently several times to form a protective film.


  1. The mesh training chair should avoid hard scratch. Do not make cleaning tools to touch the training chair when cleaning, it shall pay attention not to be collided by hard metal products or other sharp weapons, so as to protect its surface from bruises…


  1. Fiberglass office chair has excellent performance and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has long service life, sturdy and durable, but the damage is not easy to repair. It can be repaired with screws and washers. During application, it shall be protected from breakage and abrasion due to overloading and accidental loading.


  1. If your office chair is contaminated with the following substances, you can use the following methods to remove: if it is oil stain, please first wipe with warm water, then wipe with an eraser; if it is ballpoint pen oil, please wipe off with an eraser; if it is beer, soda or coffee, please dry with warm water, then wipe with water; if it is chewing gum, please first solidify it with ice, and then take it off; if it is cream, please dry with a dry cloth, and then wipe with a little detergent.

VII. What are the placement skills for office chairs?

  1. Team type (group competition type):

This is the most common placement of table and chair in small-scale training, which is suitable for small number of trainees and competitive learning in small groups. Placement requirements: the total number of trainees should be 20 to 36, and it is best to be divided into 4 to 6 groups. The number of trainees in each group should be 5 to 6.


  1. Fan type (semi-circular type)

This is fairly common placement of table and chair in medium-scale training. It is more suitable for a large number of people and a narrow training room, requiring team learning and close communication between teachers and students. Placement requirements: the total number of trainees should be 40 to 70, and it is best to be divided into 8 to 10 groups. The number of trainees in each group should be 5 to 7.


3、Horseshoe type (fish tank type)

In small and medium-sized training, there are certain requirements for communication between teachers and students, but there no requirements for communication between trainees. It is suitable to place tables and chairs in horseshoe shape. Placement requirements: the total number of trainees is less than 80, generally one seat for one person, not grouped.


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