4 Important Points to Choose Your Right Height Adjustable Table and Desk

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I. What is a height adjustable table?

It is well known that we could not start our learning without desks and chairs in the school, so it can be said that they are the most important auxiliary teaching equipment in the school and they are also quite important for students to study there. However, whether their size matches with students directly affects the students’ health. The size of lecture hall seating remains unchanged throughout the year, which is not conducive to the normal physical development of students, especially easy to lead to high incidence of eye disease. Some experts point out that the main reason for the incidence of myopia in primary and secondary school students increased year by year has direct relations with the nonstandard height of desks and chairs used by students at school. At the same time, it is not conducive to the posture development of students, and even cause spinal curvature, hunchback and so on.

As early as 1988, China’s Ministry of Health issued the national standards for hygiene of lecture hall seating, which determined the height standards for nine types of lecture hall seating used by students of different heights; In May 2002, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine officially promulgated the Functional Sizes of lecture hall seating for Educational Institutions, which has been implemented from January 2003.

With the development of education and the progress of the times, lecture hall seating is constantly upgraded. Now children use the height adjustable tables, and their materials have changed. So, what is height adjustable table?


  1. Height adjustable tables and desks literally are the ones which can be adjusted to a heathy and comfortable height The height adjustable tables are designed to slide up and down between the sliding shafts through the related firmware to table legs, and fixed by screws to play a role in adjusting the height of the desks, so as to meet the requirements of schools and students.


  1. Materials of height adjustable tables for students: mainly steel and wood combined structure, the desktop is melamine board, and the table legs are steel structure. The chairs are mostly steel and wood structure, and the height adjustable tables have the relevant firmware to adjust the height. There are also plastic height adjustable tables for students.


  1. Advantages of height adjustable tables for students: the height of desks and chairs used by students can be adjusted, which is suitable for the student stature, while not causing various diseases such as myopia that fixed tables and chairs may lead to.


  1. Disadvantages of height adjustable tables for students: because of the steel and wood structure, it results in the complex structure of desk and chair legs, which is more troublesome for students to clean the classroom, and because the height can not be adjusted easily, they need to use some tools to adjust the height, which results in many height adjustable table in school into fixed desks.

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II. Is height adjustable table good or not?

We are all familiar with height adjustable table, which is absolutely good for study. It is really comfortable to sit on it, but many people don’t know whether such height adjustable table is good for children’s health, so they have been asking such questions whether they are good. Let’s find out more about it.


  1. The advantages of height adjustable table for children are is very obvious, that is, it can perfectly fit the user’s height, thus ensuring the best comfort. It will not affect the physical development or even the children’s eyesight for the mismatch of height. Children’s height changes very quickly. If it is an ordinary table, it may be more suitable when you buy it, but after a year or half, it will look shorter. The height adjustable table can be adjusted directly, which saves the cost of purchasing another table.


  1. Any product has common characteristics, the more complex the structure is, the higher the possibility of failure will be. In order to achieve the purpose of adjustable, the height adjustable table must have movable parts,which are generally realized through the hardware. If the strength of fittings is not enough, the problem of looseness will occur after a long time. It will shake and even make noise while using every time.This kind of table is not as comfortable as a common desk.


  1. Let’s take a look at the cost performance of height adjustable table for children.The price of such products vary greatly in the market. Especially some high-end brands, the design is often very complex. In order to attract attention, all kinds of new functions are added, and the price ranges from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. With this sum of money, it has even been enough to replace a new ordinary table for children every year, so parents need to consider their affordability when they buy it and spend money where is most beneficial for their children.



III. Lifting principles of height adjustable table

Height adjustable table are very common in our life, especially in schools. In many schools,it have been updated to height adjustable tables, but how much do you know about the lifting principle of height adjustable table? Let’s learn it together.


  1. Principle of pneumatic lift chair

The pneumatic lift chair is a new type of chair. There is a cylinder in the lift chair, the piston rod in the cylinder moves up and down to control swivel chair lifting.

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  1. Principle of hydraulic lift chair

As the key part of hydraulic lift chair,the hydraulic jack is driven by hydraulic pump manually. Through the hydraulic system transmission, the cylinder or piston is used as the lifts. Hydraulic jack can be divided into integral and separated type. The integral pump is integrated with hydraulic cylinder; the separated pump is separated from hydraulic cylinder, and connected with a high pressure hose in the middle.

  1. Principle of spiral lift chair

The basic principle can be summarized by the “screw twisting”. The chair position is locked through self-locking of screw pair. It has the advantages of simple structure and high security. In general, there would be no potential safety hazards. It should be noted that the bolts and nuts of spiral lift chair are easy to rust, so the durability is not very good. In addition, after a long time of use, the screw connection part is easy to loosen due to wear and tear.

  1. Principle of fixed position lift chair

The legs of such lift chairs are composed of two parts, and only two parts of components are used, then connected by screws, which is relatively safe. However, it is connected by screws, so the screws must be screwed before and after each lifting, and the operation is not very convenient. Moreover, such kind of lift chair can only achieve fixed position lifting, and the flexibility is not very good.

  1. Principle of electric lift chair principle

Linear drive electric push rod lifting device electric push rod lifting column is a new linear lifting actuator, which is mainly composed of motor, push rod and control device, and can realize remote control and centralized control. It adopts four-sided guide structure design and DC electric push rod drive, so that the electric push rod lifting column has the advantages of stable lifting and quiet.


IV. Selection points of height adjustable table

Desks and chairs are places where students study, which are very important for students. Therefore, the production and selection of height adjustable table should also have a standard, so as to protect the spine of students and prevent myopia. At the same time, you will not feel tired after the use for long time, so we should know some points when selecting, and you can choose a satisfactory product.

  1. Safety first

In accordance with the latest national standards for children’s furniture requirements, the lines of desks and chairs should be smooth with round or arc edges. Desks and chairs with sharp corners and hard, rough surfaces should be away from children. In addition, it is best to shake a few times when purchasing, the furniture with loose structure and feeling shaky is not accepted.

  1. Use environmental protection materials

The materials should be environmentally friendly and odorless. The surface coating shall be colorfast and scratch resistant, and must choose to use plastic veneer or other harmless coating desks and chairs.

  1. Scientific size selection

It shall choose products that conform to the ergonomic principles. Generally speaking, the standard children’s desk is 1.1 to 1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters high, 0.55 to 0.6 meters wide; the height of chair and seat is 0.4 to 0.44 meters, and the overall height is no more than 0.8 meters, which can basically meet the needs of school-age children. However, such height is not suitable for high school students.

  1. Color coincidence

The choice of desk and chair should be coordinated with the other furniture in the room. If you choose an adjustable desk and chair, you’d better to choose a lighter color.




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