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Training Tables

Leadcom Seating’s training room desks have been specifically developed as a highly affordable, practical and sensible solution for learning environments, whether it’s for training, education, collaboration, co-working or conferences.

Many of our training tables have been designed with adjustable length to offer flexible options for both individual and corporate learning configurations. They are equally suitable for small classroom environments as they are in the larger training room or even auditorium layout. In classroom configurations, they can be used either traditionally for teacher-student learning or set up for the more informal setting where a project, group or collaboration configuration is required.

When space is at a premium

Our training tables are not only foldable but can also be nested to save space. This is an important feature when there is not a lot of storage space available and if the room needs to be used for other activities aside from training.

Learning spaces are easily re-configures

Most of our folding training desk have wheels and are very easily moved, so you can quickly rearrange any room according to the precise requirements of your configuration. For example, you could start the day with a plenary lecture session, then, during lunch break, rearrange the tables for group study or discussions. They are as versatile as they are easy in supporting the day’s planned activities.

Our training tables are perfect for learning environments. They come in various sizes to enable you to produce stimulating learning settings. They are very stable and hard-wearing, with a design that is extremely robust, manufactured from the highest quality materials to meet the requirements of even the most demanding students. Designed to be easy to rearrange, the training tables can be used stand-alone or linked together to make various combinations to suit the individual environment. This allows complete learning flexibility with furniture adaptation suited to the precise structure required for the lesson or lecture.

With a calm and collected atmosphere for students or trainees to work in, coupled with our range of chairs and accessories, they provide for the perfect – and comfortable – learning environment.

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