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Office chairs

Correct and comfortable seating and posture at work is now a must. Not only is it a must to ensure users are comfortable, but it can also be an occupational Health and Safety requirement in many workplaces, being a priority for those who spend a sizable proportion of their working day at a desk or working a computer. It is vital that they have the correct lumbar support and comfort to support their well-being. A well-designed and suitable office chair not only helps to relieve stress in the workplace, but can add significantly to productivity and efficiency.

Our office chairs are all ergonomically designed for a very wide range of applications that all meet the flexible workplace’s every need.

We fully understand that from the outset, an office chair must be simple to understand and operate if it is to be used appropriately, especially if the same chair is shared by several people. We offer both static and models with castors to make moving them to easily reconfigure the seating space area. All our chairs have clean, unpretentious, and visually pleasing lines that match well with many other types of furniture, sitting well with your overall interior design. Accessories include writing tablets.

All chair seats and backs are manufactured using high quality foam for comfort and are fully flame-retardant for extra safety. Seat backs can be flipped up and the chairs nested for space-saving storage.

The fact remains that we all spend a great amount of our working day sitting down. As a result, it is very important that users are able to choose a work chair that offers a comfortable seating position that not only improves your wellbeing at work but also reduces the risk of you being injured at work. A Leadcom Seating office chair is the perfect choice for those wanting a functional, comfortable chair that matches perfectly with today’s modern office or workspace.

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