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Height-adjustable tables

We are an established manufacturer, seller and distributor of highest-quality height adjustable stand-at tables and desks. Adjustable height stand-at tables and desks suit many different spaces and applications. This includes smaller height-adjustable tables, which are ideal for awkward or small-space locations to stand desks which look great in any location.

Our height-adjustable tables are extremely easy to use. They feature a pneumatic mechanism to adjust the height that is very quiet and extremely smooth and easy to operate.

Standing tables take up no more, and in most cases, less space than the average desk. Also, an adjustable table can be changed to different heights, meaning that if required, you can still sit at our adjustable height standing tables.

Complements your fixed workspace furniture

Having stand-at and height adjustable tables available to complement your existing tables and desks means you can meet the needs of all users of your premises. Universities, colleges, hospitals and meeting space providers are now beginning to ensure that height adjustable or bad back tables are now readily available.

Our stylish height adjustable tables, with their understated design and cross-foot base are manufactured from only the highest quality materials. All the mechanisms of the standing table are very easy to use and adjust. All are guaranteed to be robust, ergonomic and safe, whether it’s a larger size for working on in an office environment, or a smaller size for speech presentation work.

Join the workplace transformation revolution by including standing tables, sit-stand tables and adjustable height standing tables in your workplace or business premises. They will not only significantly improve the wellbeing of all who use them, but will help foster improved productivity and output.

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