The TENNESSEE is the star of the auditorium in the Jjamjjao Cinema

2019-11-11T21:49:22-05:00November 11th, 2019|

The Jjamjjao Cinema in Cambodia sought out Leadcom to rejuvenate their audiences’ movie-going experience.

This project involved 484 seats which spanned two auditoriums; one featuring a contemporary, stripped back palette of brown and grey, the other a striking red and black.

For both spaces, the TENNESSEE LS-13603 proved itself as the ideal seating model. As the brand-new alternative in Leadcom fixed-back cinema seating, the TENNESSEE features an upgraded flip-up arm – for more enjoyable audience interaction, and improved headrests – for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Jjamjjao Cinema ordered comfort for their patrons and cost-effectiveness for the bank balance. And with the TENNESSEE, we’re certain we’ll see many more venues following suit.


Jjamjjao Cinema-leadcom seating-1


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