For the exclusive cinema with a red-carpet entrance, only Leadcom-level seating will do

2019-02-26T04:16:29-05:00February 26th, 2019|

Nordisk Film Bio, Uppsala – Sweden
As patrons enter this exclusive cinema, they walk up an impressive mirror-adorned illuminated staircase – complete with a Hollywood-worthy red carpet.


Almost immediately we knew that it would be the Maestro Plus Premium – our VIP cinema recliner – to fulfill this brief perfectly.

The project involved the design and installation of 361 seats set within an auditorium with a dramatic atmosphere – created through the stripped back, simple color scheme of black and red.

To merge into this setting, the Maestro Plus Premium was upholstered in a black leather and red fabric combination.

To finish this seating solution, Leadcom added debossed detailing to the headrest – to brand each seat with the Nordisk Film Bio logo.

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