No panic at Leadcom!

The Leadcom Seating workshop held a fire drill recently. Safety lessons were provided and workers and security guards learned how to use fire extinguishers, how to escape from fire and how to deal with any potential injuries that might occur as a result. Like any responsible employer, Leadcom Seating take the safety of their employees very seriously. [...]

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Industry-university research cooperation between Leadcom and NPU

The Industry-University Cooperative Research Center, co-established by Leadcom Seating and the Northwestern Polytechnical University of Xi'an Shaanxi was officially opened on 6th November. The opening ceremony took place on what was a beautiful autumnal day at the university. Leadcom Seating CEO, Jason Zhang, Engineering Director Lucas Liu, the Principal of the university, Mr. Wu together with [...]

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All systems go for the new Atlantic passenger seat

Leadcom Seating know that passenger safety is a priority and it remains firmly at the heart of our passenger seating provision. For this reason, all Leadcom passenger seats undergo strenuous dynamic impact testing to ensure they are 100% fit for purpose. Our picture shows our recently introduced Atlantic model undergoing dynamic impact testing . . . . . and we are delighted [...]

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Our moulded-foam production line receives a major automation boost

We recently introduced an automated moulded-foam production line imported from Japan. In the past, moulded foam formulations were prepared by machine and were poured into the mould tank to be then later removed from the mould for curing by manpower. Now, every step of the foam production is carried out and controlled by a new automated [...]

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Emblem model provides awe-inspiring seating experience

The Jinyi Cinema in Guangzhou (China) recently installed the new Leadcom Emblem cinema seat model for this incredibly futuristic cinema. Offering superior comfort and body support, Emblem brings a new experience to cinema enjoyment. The owners of the Jinyi cinema, itself taking inspiration from a meteor shower streaking through the sky were so impressed with [...]

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Ended annual trip with amazing memories and starts with fresh momentum

Five Days, Four Nights, Two Places, Good Memories? Too Many To Count! Keeping tradition alive, international business department of Leadcom Seating organized annual trip this year. This time, we began our journey to Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province and China’s snow town which are located in the far north of China.To most of us [...]

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