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  • LEADCOM factory - ISO certified
  • LEADCOM product - SGS certified
  • LEADCOM guarantee -5-year warranty and lifetime service


                                                    The composition of your chair

  • Plastics 100% new polypropylene materials, completely eco-friendly, recyclable and fully durable (not easily broken)


  • Cushion (foam materials) raw materials are imported from BASF Germany that are capable of delivering years of service while at the same time providing deluxe seating comfort.


  • Woodwork all woodwork goes through a seven-layer painting process to provide a perfect finish that does not tarnish easily.



  • Quality powder coating finish for metal parts all metal parts undergo a strict and higher-than-standard processing before being powder-coated against rust, and are quality-tested in our own laboratory.


  • Fabric durability our standard fabric exceeds a double-rub protection of 50,000 - 70,000 (at no extra charge). A higher than standard fabric, providing for double-rub protection in excess of 100,000 is also available (price available on application)

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