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  • LEADCOM factory - ISO certified
  • LEADCOM product - SGS certified
  • LEADCOM guarantee -5-year warranty and lifetime service
  • If I have product inquiry, who should I speak to?

    Any inquiry about Leadcom or our products can be emailed to us on info@leadcomseating.com or you may call us directly on +86-20-85626682 Ext. 202 to ask to speak to a sales representative. We will ensure that your inquiry is forwarded to the right sales representative for follow-up.

  • What are the payment terms?

    All invoice payments to Leadcom are by telegraphic transfer. There is a 30% down-payment prior to production, with 70% balance payable upon completion of order.

  • How long will it take for delivery?

    Delivery take about 25-30 days, subject to the type of product and quantity ordered. As an example, 1000 seats take about 28 days (without woodwork), 30 days (with woodwork).

  • What are the shipping terms?

    Free on board GUANGZHOU for orders that meet the minimum order quantity; ex-works for order less than the minimum order quantity. We can arrange shipping for ex-works orders, but all shipping costs are at buyer's cost.

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    The normal minimum order quantity is one 20’GP or one 40’GP container, subject to the type of seating products ordered. Orders less than minimum order quantity are still accepted based upon different shipping terms.. 

  • Do you have any fabric, leather or color samples send to us?

    Yes, we will mail a material sample to you at no charge. Please contact your dedicated area sales representative for free samples.

  • Do you provide free storage?

    We offer 30-days free storage in case of any delays in shipping.

  • Do you take special orders according to my own specifications and configurations?

    Leadcom seating takes original equipment manufacturer orders and other customised orders depending upon customer specifications and configuration requests. For some special orders, customers will have to pay an extra charge for any bespoke tooling charges.

  • How can I obtain a sample chair?

    You can contact your sales representative to request a sample chair. They will be happy to discuss your project design needs to ensure that you get the most effectively configured chair sample complete with the appropriate finish and specifications.

  • Do you have any chairs in stock?

    Normally we do not keep stock of our chairs, as all orders are processed by request. If you require an urgent delivery, some of our models are manufactured in a short production cycle. Please contact your area sales representative directly for detailed information.

  • Can I change my mind on a selected material or colour?

    Leadcom Seating will always do its best to accommodate your needs. In some cases, we may be able to cancel our own order for components from our suppliers. However for some others we may not be able to do so, in which case, a restocking fee may also apply which is charged by the manufacturer of that material.

  • How much time does it take to obtain a quote?

    This depends entirely on the complexity of your project. If you are seeking a generic price on a standard catalogue product, please contact your Leadcom Seating representative or our Corporate Offices. If you are interested in a more comprehensive price to reflect a more detailed scope of work, it will take a minimum 24-48 hour lead-time following submittal of your project specification documentation.

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